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2 months ago

Invoice Factoring Costs

Invoice Factoring Costs

Invoice factoring enables you as a business owner to attend to other important matters that might need your attention from time to time.  The factoring provider buys your owed invoices thereby being able to handle all the invoices on your behalf.  This looks good, isn’t it?  It is for someone who understands the value of a customer and why you need to keep them.  But a lot of people still do not really understand what it is all about and how invoice factoring costs work.    Before knowing how it works it is important o fully understand the basics and what you are getting into.

Factoring companies pay your invoices in advance by giving you 85% of the amount owed in advance.  This can take between 24 hours to three days depending on the company.  The balance is paid to you by the factoring company once your clients make good their payments.  But you also need to know that you also pay for the services provided.   There are different invoice factoring costs depending from provider to provider.    Service fee is normally deducted from the balance remaining at an agreed percentage of the turnover.  It is therefore important to agree on the charges before signing the agreement.

It is also worth noting that poorly paying customers can increase your factoring charges if they do not pay within the agreed time.  It is therefore important that customers pay the invoices between the agreed 60-90 periods to avoid incurring extra unnecessary charges.  Factoring is an easier way of paying your bills when no bank wants to touch you with a 10 inch pole.  This can be quite disturbing and in the real sense embarrassing.  When payment is delayed as sometimes is bound to happen, a fee of between 0.5 - 3% is charged per month on all overdue payments.  This amount depends on providers too.

It is therefore important that you understand all the basics of factoring before you sign that agreement.  One of the most important aspect every one on factoring needs to know is that it is an easier way of settling bills and compared to banks, it can be quite costly.  Because of issue with banks and cash most SMEs are opting to go the factoring way to help their business run without any unnecessary issues.  It is also important to sign a confidential agreement if you do not want your customers to know with your provider.  A lot of customers are uncomfortable paying to third party providers. 

2 months ago

Should You Hire A Local Tampa SEO Company?

Should you hire a Local Tampa SEO Company?

So, you have been busy working hard to improve your search engine ranking? Well, so have many businesses around you. In fact, almost all modern businesses that owns a website have at least one SEO consultant to work with, the only difference is that some of them pay colossal amounts of money to get services from the best international companies, while others pay just enough for the local SEO consultant. But then, what is the better choice for your business? Read below to learn more.

If your local Tampa SEO consultant has undergone through the required training, chances are that he has the skills and capabilities to work things around on your website. And if your target market is the local people in your city, there is no need to go very far to look for the services you can get locally. However, if your target market lies in all states in the country, you would better go for someone with the experience and capabilities to handle such work.

For small businesses as we have already mentioned, the best SEO expert to handle your website would be a local person. To start with, they know a lot about your community. They know your competitors, they know what strategies all these competitors use to rank hire than you, they know all your partners and most importantly, they probably know a lot about your business as well. Knowing a lot about your business is however not all that is required of an SEO consultant. With your local expert for instance, you could easily meet, talk and work on a strategy to help improve the ranking of your website.

In addition, it is more likely to manage both your business and your relationship with the Tampa SEO company than you would with a national agency. Think about it. When you site goes off, wouldn’t it be quicker to make a call or reach out to the local SEO expert physically for a solution? If you want answers from them, you can look them directly in the eye and question their work. However, as long as you hire the right local SEO consultant, chances are that you will never come into wrong terms. After all, they know your business; they have the skills and tactics to handle local SEO, and thus are more likely to do their job right. 

2 months ago

Are Hard Money Lenders Great Source To Rely On?

Are Hard Money Lenders Great Source To Rely On?

Without doubt, investing in real estate could be a very prolific means for accumulating wealth. What is more, this is also seen as a very efficient approach to insert some variety into your current portfolio. Whilst it is a reality that real estate crowd funding and real estate investment trusts enable you to invest without resistance, there are a number of investors who like it better to own a property directly.

However, if you do not really consider parting with a considerable amount of money directly to buy a real estate, then, you may opt for a hard money lender option. While this form of loan comes with upsides over the conventional funding, it is a must for you to be wary of a few possible drawbacks.

It is essential to understand that hard money lenders could be small local firms of private individuals that operate where lenders that are deemed as subprime feel hesitant to walk- making loans to those who are really in need and  reckless the same way broker and regular financial institutions serve conventional clients. These are certainly more difficult to find as compared to those established lenders and these also do not come less expensive.

It is worth mentioning that these are especially beneficial to those who hard-luck borrowers as these can assist them somehow improve a worse situation. At times, they can also be regarded as the sole choice of consumers. Unlike conventional bank loans, hard money lenders way of funding does not determine the creditworthiness of a borrower. As a matter of fact, they use the property’s value itself when it comes pointing out whether to make the loan or not. In a nutshell, the lender is more concerned on the after repair value that is known as the assessment of what the property shall be worth at the time the development and remodeling phase is done.

Take in mind that this form of loan is not definitely a very ideal funding solution. This also comes with downsides such as: while this loan offers lots of convenience, you should expect to pay for a price for this type of borrowing. In actuality, the interest rate for this may be up to ten percent greater than that of a traditional loan. Apart from this, the main objective of this loan is to permit an investor to obtain a property that is prepared to go on the market as immediately as feasible. In that event, these loans underscore much shorter repayment terms as compared to conventional mortgage loans. 

3 months ago

How To Distinguish Genuine Italian Handbags?

How to Distinguish Genuine Italian Handbags?

Italian leather, in general, is described as full grain type of leather which simply implies that it is manufactured from the most exceptional raw hides. In a nutshell, the main purpose of this is for it not to find sanding necessary in clearing away imperfections. It is essential to note that full-grain leather is more sturdy and tougher as compared to other kinds of leather.

What makes Italian handbags distinct from other leather handbags out there?

Each leather hide is intended to be tanned as per a few step processes- such procedure started in ancient periods wherein it has been passed on for many years from ancestors to their generation as artisan tradition. It is interesting to know that vegetable tanning is done through converting rawhide or animal skin into so-called non-biodegradable leather with the aid of natural veggie extracts.

In addition, Italian handbags actually come from conventional Italian leather or pelleterias wherein merely well-experienced artisans inspect leather tanning process. In line with this, each ensures the production of premium quality leather which is totally sturdy, distinctive as well as natural. And, since most Italian leather is made of the highest possible quality, they can remain in exquisite condition much longer as compared to other leather types; however, a more expensive selling price should be expected.

It cannot be denied that Italian handbags made of leather are the most sought after products in Italy. More than that, the quality is first-rate which simply conveys that it could commonly be sold at a more costly price. For those who have already purchased a genuine leather handbag in Italy, a pricey selling price is no longer surprising especially if you are knowledgeable about the real cost of authentic and full-grain leather where handbags in Italy are mostly made of.

If you really wish to buy a genuine leather handbag, there is nothing to worry about spending lavishly because if you are patient enough to look for bargain leather sales in Italy, you can surely find great discounts. The good news is that, nowadays, it is possible to find a number of discount designer bags which utilize the same kind of Italian leather for genuine Italian bags. This only proves to say that it is still feasible to obtain discounts even though you are eyeing for authentic leather bags. Keep in mind that it matters to pick Italian manufactured bags that come with artisan quality.  Be a smart shopper and do your own research first prior shopping.   

3 months ago

Inquiries To Make At Homes For Sale In Collingwood Ontario Expo


Inquiries to Make At Homes for Sale in Collingwood Ontario Expo

Owning a home is the major step towards securing your family future and a self-reward for all those years of hard work. Probably you are aiming to acquire one during the homes for sale in Collingwood Ontario Expo that is coming. Although it is the right move, you need to arm yourself with information that will enable you make wise decisions and avoid getting in pitfalls likely to end your dreams of owning a home. That is why you need to liaise with experienced Realtors and experts to ensure you get a nice place at reasonable costs. But before reaching this decision to acquire a home, put the following two considerations into perspective.


Renting versus owning; some responsibilities and risks come with owning a home. But that is not a justification to why you should continue paying rent to your landlord that in the long run, you won't own the house either. Why not come to homes for sale in Collingwood Ontario Expo and get your dream home? Becoming a home owner is a biggest financial investment that you won't ever regret. It is a guarantee that your future is covered thoroughly in terms of a quality life. The stress of facing your landlord in the rental unit is gone if you opt to buy a house. You have the power to customize it to your taste, decorate it your way, and choose the finishing and much more.


If you qualify to own a home; to get any quality house in Collingwood, you need a good amount money. It is impossible to raise this amount of money at once, and that is why you need a financial institution to ascertain your current financial situation. This helps you to plan your finances before, during and after the purchase. It will be a surprise that you have spent many years renting yet you could have owned a home long time ago. It is cheap to buy a house early than renting one for many years. With lending institution around you, let them guide you through the mortgage rates available.


That is why it is good idea to visit and start your dream journey of owning your first home in few years ahead. Get all advice concerning homes from experts about mortgages, taxes involved, repairs and maintenance? Make a point of coming to the next homes for sale in Collingwood Ontario Expo where you will meet and interact with all the experts.

4 months ago

Determining Which Ipad Restaurant POS Systems Will Serve You Best

Determining Which Ipad Restaurant POS Systems Will Serve You Best

Demand creates supply; this is the general market rule. There are always entrepreneurs looking to tap needs in the market. Provided you are able to identify a need in the market and find a solution to satisfy it, you can be sure that you will always have market for the product or service that you are providing. A need was identified in the market in the form of enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency in the running of the restaurant business. This resulted in the invention of the iPad Restaurant POS systems.

The iPad Restaurant POS systems were brought into the market to address the need of effective and efficient use of resources for restaurants. They mainly provide a platform that allows restaurant owners to control each and every aspect of their business from a central point. It helps with the tracking of sales, orders, staff, inventory and so and so forth. As a matter of fact, this system has helped quite a number of businesses to turn around their operations and enjoy very good profit margins.

The demand for these systems attracted quite a number of suppliers into the market and now the market is flooded with quite a number of different systems. This can make it difficult for a restaurant owner who is looking to get a system to help him or her in the running of the restaurant. It is important that you as a restaurant owner put your priorities in place. These systems cost money and you do not want to spend money on something that will not bring you the returns that you expect it to. You have to be objective; do not just run to buy something simple because it looks shiny and attractive. Very carefully look at the specs of that particular system and get to fully understand what exactly it will be bringing to your business.

You can very easily minimize the cost of the system that you take by minimizing on the features that you choose to be on the system. The scale of your operations should be your top priority when you are deciding on the system to take. In the event that your operations are still quite small scale, do not run for a system that is designed to cater for a five star hotel. You also need to look at the revenues you are currently bringing and the projections on by how much these revenues are expected to rise with the use of the system; this will give you an indication of the amount of money you can afford to spend on the system.

4 months ago

How Prestigious Online ACCA Courses Are?

How Prestigious Online ACCA Courses Are?

Many people especially those who weren’t able to finish a college degree due to a very busy work life are hoping to obtain the degree they’ve always dreamt of. Luckily, this is now possible to happen with the beneficial programs offered by Online ACCA Courses. This is recognized as one of the globe’s distinguished accountancy qualifications that come with what is referred to as LSBF online interactive platform wherein this provides everyone the opportunity to study the full course live online.

Here, you are provided with the chance to be taught by outstanding and professional tutors who incessantly and committedly deliver live instruction, engage in question and answer sessions, mark mock examination and gladly offer some video debriefs that are especially intended for the entire ACCA syllabus.

In the same way, you can also have instant access to a plethora of premium quality resources that are quite useful for instructions such as lecture notes, eBooks, HD recorded video lectures, case studies which are all readily available 24/7. What differentiates this platform from others is that it enables you to reach out to more than fifteen thousand students via their so-called very unique and exclusive online forums.

For a fact, Online ACCA Courses are not only meant for obtaining college degrees. You can also take your career further through simply adding some of the advanced skills which are quite valuable in business – MA/MBA to your qualification in ACCA. What is more delighting is that you may even have the chance to save by up to fifty percent on your MA/MBA through the help of the scholarship offered by Oracle Capital. As you can see, you need not worry about having a successful career with these irresistible offers.

Admittedly, we all go for high quality education that comes with affordable online courses. People who work and still wish to advance their career in accounting can now make it happen with the help of Online ACCA Courses. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is highly acclaimed for being the worldwide body of professional accountants. Needless to say, if you obtained a degree from here, you will surely be easily acknowledged by employers and big firms when you look for jobs. They offer programs that aim to provide top choice qualifications and are relevant to business which students could use as they enter the real workplace.

Keep in mind that dreams do come true particularly to those who work hard for it. Accomplish your realistic goals and choose the right online instruction that can help you be on the right track. Advance your career in finance and management and in accountancy with the right choice of online platform.


6 months ago

Best Fiverr SEO Gigs

Fiverr is a website where people display their micro jobs and gigs for sellers and buyers. The gigs are sold or bought at a minimum price of $5. The price can vary depending on the complexity of the work & gig extras added on. Fiverr SEO refers to design work and other jobs such as slicing, logo design, backlinks and voice overs which are used to be marketed on sites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and ultimately help rank your website on Google. Each category has varying prices depending on which gig one chooses to work on. Some of the best Fiverr SEO gigs include the following:


Social Bookmarks: This simply means that the seller will generate either real traffic to bookmark your pages and links, thus raising your popularity in Social search engines, as well as Google, Bing and Yahoo’s search engines. Social bookmarks have always been a crucial part of SEO and should be used in tandem with the other gigs suggested in this article, like backlinks, guest posts, manual links and more.


Slicing: This involves gigs that contain pages in certain formats such as PSD which are displayed for buyers who can convert them in other desired formats at a cost. For instance, a PSD file may be opted to be converted to a HTML page at a cost.


Guest Posts: Simply put, you will deliver an original article 400-500 words in length and the user will post your article on their niche blog and/or website to have read by their 1,000’s to 100,000 readers (depending on niche). This can be an extremely successful way to market yourself in front of a large group of people who are already looking for things within that same industry or niche. The best advice we can offer is, give advice and give literally 80% of it up front. Then you get readers interested and they’ll naturally visit your site, where you can sell them all you want.


Designing of Logo: Another important design work of art involves designing of a certain logo as described by the client. Here, only experts who have the know-how on logo designs can apply the job, do it within the given time period and then submit. Payment is usually done after submission. Fiver subtracts a commission charge from these gig prices.


Backlinks/Submitting your data into another website: This gig involves outsourcers who are in need of workers who can enter certain data in their files. Such data may involve submission of the client’s URLs and then the worker enters a specific data related to it. A specifified period of time is usually given within which the worker should have submitted the work. Payment is then made for the services usually from a minimum cost of$5.


Scraping Content: In this gig, people who are in need of certain information about a specific thing can purchase a scraper to help them gather everything in bulk (and quickly). This is usually done a certain fee after. For example, when one needs more or all the information about a certain item.


Blog Post Illustration: This gig involves illustration of a certain blog in a way that that make it more clear. For instance, one can design a picture from a plain blog post. This will make people have an in-depth comprehension of your blog post.


Graphic Work: You can get people who have great skills in designing graphics on Fiverr. For example, on Christmas cards, Invitation cards, cover pages of eBooks and many more.


Manual Links: These links for $5 usually are DA/PA (Domain Authority/Page Authority) 20-30, but if you want the best link juice, you’ll end up paying $50 for manual links that are DA/PA 50+. While it may seem like 10 x 30 DA/PA links is better, in fact, QUALITY is QUEEN to Google. CONTENT is KING, not quantity. So if you have a well written “Ezine Quality” article on a DA 50+ domain, that is going to shoot your links up a few pages, if not land you on Page 1 for low competition terms. And as an SEO buyer & seller – getting DA 50+ for $50 is a steal. We’re used to paying $100-$200 for those types of links.


Voice Overs: This enables people to access quality voice overs and promote their product on YouTube quickly and efficiently without having to pay professional prices for a professional voice over.


6 months ago

Is Anything Better Than Fiverr

Fiverr has been the major site where freelancers can upload their micro jobs and find people who can work for them usually at a starting cost of $5 plus a commission charge of 20%. Due to this, Fiverr hosts so many gigs that some have turned out to be literal frauds. For this not to be your case, there are many other sites which provide better services relative to Fiverr. Take for example, many of these sites have a higher gig price and charge a relatively lower commission (not 20%+). They have proved to be better than Fiverr in multiple ways. These sites include:
PeoplePerHour is a better one that allows displaying of gigs starting from a minimum cost of $5. The jobs are paid after every hourly. This site is better because it hosts some well paying jobs that can earn a good amount just in just a single “hourly”, as they are called. The unfortunate downfall to PPH is that many top-rated sellers there even say that PeoplePerHour doesn’t support their freelancing enough to be a full time place to dedicate their time to. In fact, many top earners have stated that sales went down in 2013 and haven’t risen in the subsequent years since. While it’s a great place, this unfortunately means that while you can get paid MORE for your time & buyers can have MORE security in their purchases because of escrow handlings, it still doesn’t bring in the traffic like others on this list.
SEOClerk is a quite different site from Fiverr (even though it’s based from a Fiverr Clone Script) and is specially designed to provide a platform for SEO and internet marketing. Its features are actually quite different from those of Fiverr, in the sense of commissions, extras, levels and the search abilities. This may also be that they haven’t updated their website since the Fiverr V2 Update came out in 2014. Another unique portion of the site is that it provides a ground where people can exchange services for other services instead of money. People also get paid just for inviting other people to this site. The amount of payment depends on the number of new customers you have invited. It is therefore clear that one can earn huge sums of money from this site, besides the normal micro-gig site of Fiverr.

 GigsClerk is a market platform that avails jobs for buyers and allows sellers to display their gigs in similar Fiverr fashion. It provides relatively higher prices for gigs and the commission charge is lower. It is therefore possible to fetch more money in this site than anyone else on this list. If you are a seller, your gigs’ visibility can be enhanced to more buyers by being backlinked to (which doesn’t affect Fiverr as much).
FiverUp is the most like Fiverr in the outlook and design as the two are from the same V2 Fiverrr script. It as well provides instant delivery of gigs and free shipping of the physical commodities unlike the Fiverr setup. It also promotes the sale of newly published gigs by pushing them to the front page upon creation. Best part, it does not limit members from withdrawing and have long wait periods. Once the positive review is posted for your sale, you’re set to withdraw.
One of the best alternatives to Fiverr that we found is the site, Roundshelf. This site has a similar interface to the latter. It displays video gigs and other varieties of gigs at relatively higher charges, which is where a lot of people have the most success in on Fiverr. There is instant delivery of the services and goods and also free shipping to your residing country.
So there you have it! Sites better than Fiverr for making money online, but like I always say, “diversify, diversify,diversify”. You need to make accounts on all of these sites, because chances are 1/2 of them will be duds for you to start out and only 2-3 of them will make you 80% of your money. For us… that happens to be Fiverr.
PS: We know the reason people search for a “Site Better Than Fiverr” is because they haven’t had success WITH Fiverr yet. That’s where Fiverr Bot comes in, see Fiverr Bot duplicates your accounts/gigs/titles/descriptions and spins them, creates more of them, insuring you get your first sales SOMEWHERE. Whatever account starts making sales first, you keep marketing and pushing more to it, soon you’ll have a formula you can repeat. Fiverr Bot makes it so simply, and the best part is, you can subscribe to Fiverr Bot instantly by clicking here.

6 months ago

Reputation Marketing What Is It?

What Is Reputation Marketing?

“Reputation Marketing is positioning your self in front of thousands of buyers as the local marketing leader in your industry with the five-star reputation.”

Reputation marketing is the most important kind of marketing because reputation is everything! In business and in life you wont get far with a bad reputation and certainly won’t easily gain the trust of many people.  But what if you had a bad reputation and you didn’t even know about it?  That is exactly what it’s like with businesses not knowing their online reputation score.  That means an encompassing score of all the reviews online that are in the top online local directories and search engines for your specific business. Some businesses may even have local five-star reputations but their online reputations are ruining their chances for new potential customers to come walking through their doors.

Why Haven’t I Head About Reputation Marketing Until Recently?

Move over social marketing-the game has certainly changed with reputation marketing.  You may not have heard about reputation marketing until now due to the fact that Google has made some changes it their algorithm -as well as more and more people are using their mobile devices to search for directions or find the most reputable business for their day-to-day services.  there is also one other critical point of why you may not have heard about reputation marketing until recently-the increasing popularity of online reviews!

How Online Reviews Affect Reputation Marketing

“72% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.”  “70% of buyers trust business is to have a minimum of 6 to 10 positive reviews.”


( insert Neilson chart)

Can you see how customer reviews greatly affect your business’s reputation marketing? Do you see that if your business does not have 10 five-star reviews that your business is not trusted online?  Customer reviews are a huge pillar in a business’s marketing strategy but unfortunately too many businesses have managed to overlook thus far.  remember you are only one bad review away from a bad reputation online-everybody has bad days everyone has different experiences, bad reviews do happen-but what is your reputation marketing strategy for when they do?